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Fun interactive program designed to
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What is VocabClass?

VocabClass is a fun interactive spelling & vocabulary program that rewards student effort and makes it easy for teachers, homeschoolers and parents to create, assign, assess, and manage word lists.

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VocabClass Program has;
• over 39 interactive learning modules
• 2,600 preloaded lists
   - Wonders, Journeys, Spelling & Vocabulary Course
   - Lexile leveled word list by grade (Lexile Partners)

• virtual study pet
• built-in review & rewards
• grade specific Word A Day
• printable lessons
• includes writing & typing modules
• gamified approach students love

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"I don't always get captured by aliens. But when I do, my illimitable vocabulary leaves them flummoxed."


Saving lives since 2005.

Awesome Features

What makes Vocab unique?

Grade Appropriate Lists

Appropriate Lists

Over 2,600 vocabulary and spelling lists and a 68,000 word database allowing users to create unlimited custom word lists.

Self Paced Learning

Self Paced

One size does not fit all. Our program moves at each student’s individual pace and gives visual progress cues to allow students to flow through the program with ease.
Student Overview

Differentiated Instruction


Differentiate both the content and process by tailoring instruction to meet student needs. Assign to any student either a specific vocabulary list/lesson, specific spelling list/lesson, or both.
Sample Lessons

Printables and Offline

and Offline

There are times when you want your students offline or connectivity is not an option. For those occasions, we provide printables (PDF) for most lessons.
Sample Printables

Gamified & interactives

Gamified &

Make learning fun by transforming vocabulary and spelling lessons into highly gamified, interactive experiences. In VocabClass, students earn game coins, can access our action-packed Rewards Page, and are responsible for taking care of their own virtual word pet.

Virtual Study Pet

Study Pet

Zoodle is our virtual word pet and not only is he a lot of fun to hang out with, Zoodle plays a critical role in helping students with their vocabulary and spelling acquisition by reviewing mastered words in their word bank to earn time playing with Zoodle.

Multisensory Activities


Students hear, say, write, type, and break down the words into syllables on the road to acquiring mastery of each list.

Handwriting Practice


Handwriting is important and plays a role in reading fluency. VocabClass provides custom handwriting printables allowing variation in font, case, size, and directional arrows.

Robust Reports


Detailed reporting on including scores for all lessons, quizzes, and tests. Single page Spelling Test pdfs for student or classroom batch printing available.

Spelling Test Results

Text to Speech

Text to

Pronunciation is a critical component to literacy acquisition. That’s why students can opt to have words and sentences read aloud during their lessons.

Standards Aligned


Book specific word lists taught to mastery via highly engaging, interactive learning modules. Fun, never dull!


Testing Parameters


Each activity, lesson, and module within Spelling Classroom aligns with individual state and Common Core State Standards.

Next Level!

Next Level! Let's Go to the Next Level!

Look up a word and expand your vocabulary,
take a spelling test, print practice and more!

Zoodle Spaces uit
Play Reading Pet

Zoodle - Study Pet

Boost engagement and get students hooked on books with our virtual reading pet Zoodle. Because of the learning potential, the effects of reading on child development are vast.

As such, VocabClass puts you in a position to ensure reading is a key part of your student’s daily routine. Zoodle helps with this and gets young readers engaged in the process and moving in the right direction.

Users agree!

"My 2nd grade class has been using your program for this past year. They love the fun games and the variety of activities within the lessons. I like the ease of assigning my students with our state adopted curriculum already embedded. Thank you for offering this amazing tool for us to use to keep learning words FUN!”

Mrs. Donna M
M.A. Reading K-12, Griffin Elementary

“Your large range of customizable spelling lists, with great interactive activities, has resulted in significant gains in student engagement and attainment. Subscribe to this program. Your students will be glad you did!””

Clive M.
ICT Facilitator Kapiti Primary

“My class looks forward to using this program. Several of my students struggled with spelling, but throughout the year their spelling scores started rising. Thank you for your program!”

Sharon G.
3rd Grade Teacher Grayson, Kentucky

“The site is so thorough that you might use it for your complete spelling and vocabulary coursework.

Students can easily see which activities they have already completed for their list of words. Parents or teachers can access detailed reports on student activity and progress, including words misspelled.”

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Cathy Duffy
Curriculum Specialist & Curriculum Author

“My class thoroughly enjoys VocabClass! I can assign multiple groups different spelling lists, as well as a reading vocabulary lists each week from my dashboard. The students love practicing because they earn coins which provides access to fun games. I can meet with students during that time to discuss their practice work data; which I can also use for small group instruction, report card standards, and sharing during IEP meetings.”

Kristy S.
5th Grade Teacher, Mountainview Elementary School


VocabClass is a Top Pick
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Robust Reporting Robust Reporting Robust Reporting Robust Reporting Robust Reporting Robust Reporting Robust Reporting Robust Reporting Robust Reporting Robust Reporting Robust Reporting

Robust Reporting

Student activity in VocabClass is reported through real-time activity feeds in your Reports page. See what lessons your students are working on, what they have completed, and the books they are reading.

Our Reports page translates thousands of data points and turns those actions into information and insights that are instantly available, actionable, and easy to interpret.